Chalmers May Newsletter 2024

Chalmers Alumni Newsletter May 2024

May we happily wish you all a happy May, the heart of Spring! Hope you are enjoying the blooming of flowers and trees. What better way to celebrate than a Chalmers style Gasque!

On Saturday May 25th we are planning our formal annual meeting as usual in May.  It will be a hybrid event where smaller regional and local groups meetup in person and reunite online, like pieces of a puzzle. It will start with a formal annual meeting for 30 min. and then we continue with a Gasque. There will be an invite for this sent to you. In the Gasque, say Skål to each other and to say Skål to our group that is turning an incredible 75 years old this year. Click here for a link to the Gasque program, or just scroll to page two of this email.

Here is the program plan for May 25 Gasque (register here):


August 29 – September 2 (U.S. Labor day weekend): As you know our 75-year anniversary will be at Chalmers Gothenburg Sweden this year, AND this event has already been planned out in minute details. It will be an unbelievable program!! We promise! Click here for a link to a detailed PDF  Gothenburg program, including hotel reservation and more. Or just scroll to page three of this email.  For the Gothenburg program – register here.


Gasque – Saturday May 25, 2024 (register here):

“Skål for our 75 happy years”

  1. Welcome to our 75-Gasque , and how you will participate

  2. Participants, introduce yourself !

  3. How it started 1949 / Helan går / Skål to Gunnar and Odd!

  4. US – Can Chalmerist Joke Telling Championship

  5. Selection of winner, singing / skål

  6. Memories from our past

  7. Grand Finale – including 4 x hurraaa for 75, our new 75-yr song, and breaking the sound barrier.


Please be prepared with suitable dryckjom, approved 75 CL bottles, glasses & eats.


Celebrating 75 years- in Göteborg

Turning 75 years old is a great cause for jubilation. Not many organizations get that old. Most fizzle out before the age of thirty or they get swallowed up by a larger organization. Not so for our Chalmers Alumni Association of USA and Canada (CAA). We are thriving! It’s a testament to that the spirit of Chalmers lives on in us, the people. Despite being far from Gothenburg we don’t forget-, to celebrate, to remember, to come together each year, whether it be locally, regionally, nationally, internationally or, soon enough, intergalactically.  However-way, we must celebrate. This is the Chalmers spirit, partly powered through CAAI. A 75 time Hurraaaa for Chalmers! 75 cheers! And a Heja CAAI for the Chalmers Alumni Assoc. USA and Canada!




August 29 – Donations and scholarship – Chalmersska Huset

  1. Scholarship awards – ceremony

  2. Pea soup – with pancakes and punsch



August 30 – Full Day at Chalmers


  1. Breakfast – Location TBD

  2. Welcome to Chalmers and introduction –   Ägget

  3. Welcome and Program overview – Per Treven, President CAAI USA-Canada

  4. Welcome to Chalmers – Martin Jacobi, President of Chalmers

  5. CING going forward – Anders Wennberg I93, Chairman, Chalmers Alumni Association

  6. Studentkåren – Mikael Gyllenhammar E86, VD Chalmers Studentkår & Företagsgrupp

  7. Our History – Åke Hellström, F69

  8. Conferencier – Bo Hedfors, E68

  9. Alliancen – happy celebration concert!

  10. Chalmers Alumni USA/Canada 75 years – a cavalcade – Ägget – Åke Hellström, Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, K92, plus the audience.

  11. Tour of Chalmers – A guided walking tour around our Campus. Plenty to see! If it rains, we have an alternate program.


  • Lunch –

Kårhuset – Hyllan – A great chance to meet new people – and enjoy eating at Chalmers again!

  1. Presentation at Chalmers Ventures – From lab to market – a leading deep tech. Investor venture builder in the Nordics !

  2. Next Labs – Ägget – The concept of Chalmers Next Labs is networking with outside resources connected via Chalmers to utilize world class lab facilities. For instance, remote use of an IBM lab in the USA.

Coffee break

  1. Chalmers student’s Maker Space: “Fuse “- This is a paradise for creativity in design, building, and testing hi-tech systems. Also, a great opportunity to talk to these students about what you and what they are working on.

  2. Mingle with students in the Volvo Foyer – Get involved with the students!

  3. And enjoy Alliancen playing at 17:00. (


Dinner – at Gåsen

Note that it does not say “eat Gåsen” but “at Gåsen”.

 And we will have fun too!



August 31 – World of VolvoSahlgrenska and Gasque

Breakfast (place TBD)

  1. World of Volvo – This is a fantastic new display, museum and educational facility a bit south from Liseberg. And our former CING chairman Paul Welander M83 is the man in charge of this large project! We will wrap up the visit with lunch onsite.

  2. Sahlgrenska – the science and technology –

Did you know that Sahlgrenska University-and-Research Hospital has over 100 Chalmers alumni associated with them! This place has gained fame to now become the Northern Europe leading edge of life sciences. We will see many different novel aspects of engineering and science in use together with medical insights for making us healthier. From advanced image processing of scanners to a cyclotron to produce radiation isotopes on-site.

Click here to see a pdf of the Sahlgrenska program!

  1. Gasque with Spex at Wijkanders  – This will be the greatest Gasque ever for us! Bet your bottom krona that you have never seen anything similar before. With 75 years to celebrate, you will learn that your long travel was absolutely worth it. We will sing some special 75-year Snapsvisor, have plenty of speeches, make clever (technical) jokes PLUS (+) a special Spex performance by a Göteborg group of senior Chalmersspexare. Dä dö, dä blir dunder!



September 1 -Karlatornet, Göteborg and bye-bye dinner


Morning – free time

11:30 -13:00 – Lunch

  1. Karlatornet – See a presentation about the construction of the tallest building in northern Europe. Take an elevator up and enjoy the view. Learn about the planning and implementation of the current and future Göteborg. Flush a toilet high up and listen to the resulting thunder inunder!

  2. Good-bye dinner (Place TBD) – Good-bye is only a short term expression for us. Vi ses igen! is the correct genuine Chalmerist term.


September 2 – Optional Golf – US invitational 75 year Jubilee.

  • This event will happen if we hear your interest. Mark up the registration form if you like to join!


Detailed program, hotel, etc.

 For further information about this program , how to get our special price hotel rooms, and other details , open and save this PDF document: Gothenburg program


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Registrations to events:

May 25 Gasque

August 29 – September 2 Gothenburg program




Pelle Duong (I07) ,

Director of Communications & Webmaster