2014 – San Diego, CA

San Diego, California 2014, Memorial Day weekend schedule:

Thursday, May 22: U.S. Friends of Chalmers Club Emil.

Friday, May 23: Poolside buffet lunch at T&C, industry visit in the afternoon and ending with dinner.

Saturday, May 24: Trolley to downtown San Diego for lunch in the Gaslamp Quater, visits to Car2Go and EvoNexus. Gasque at the Garden Ballroom of T&C.

Sunday Morning, May 25: Annual meeting followed by sightseeing, golf, and anything else that San Diego had to offer.

Town & Country Hotel was the center for all activities planned for the CING/US-Canada 2014 Memorial weekend in San Diego, CA. The resort was strategically located with access to our main events. Our goal was to minimize travel by car and at least on Saturday use the light rail trolley, which had a stop a short stroll from the resort.

The negotiated room rate at T&C was $110 + applicable taxes. T&C honored this rate 3 days before and 3 days after the event for those who wished to extend their stay.