2017 – Atlanta, GA

Welcome to our 2017 CING Annual Meeting on May 25 – 28 in Atlanta, Georgia (Memorial Day weekend)!

Four days in Atlanta!

We were all delighted to receive an official greeting letter from the Governor of the State of Georgia, Nathan Deal. It made us feel right at home.

In the beginning, there was pea soup & pancakes at Lennart & Shannon Törnquist’s home for the Thursday evening fundraiser for U.S. Friends of Chalmers. Thanks for the Punches!!

Friday‘s first visit to the international Thomas Concrete, The Concrete Specialists was showcased expertly by Fredrik Höglund and his “faaantastic” crew who also provided a “deeelicious” Southern

lunch. Everyone was so happy and excited about concrete, CO2 injection, etc. that we were getting late for the next visit.

Elekta made the gamma knife and radiology equipment including training and service. We saw the fully functioning training facility in Atlanta. Timothy Prosser, Director for Learning and Innovation, described how it all started in Sweden to the very latest advancements using radiation and MRI at the same time. We got to see and touch the inner workings of all the equipment.

Stefan Bengtsson and Arne Dunhem presented Rebecca Gillie from Philadelphia, PA, this year’s recipient of the U.S. Friends of Chalmers scholarship.

Dinner at Eclipis di Luna tapas restaurant with live music and dancing provided excellent food and liberal libation!

Saturday, we explored Atlanta, art museums, presidential library, downtown architectural walking tour, etc. The traditional Gasque was at Göran & Jan Rygert’s home. We all (about 54) sat outside in the treed garden. The warm evening was as good as it gets, food was Southern style with shrimp and grits… and a little schnapps! Top class gyckel by Göran and his spex group, all in fine voice made us miss our bedtime!

After the fun comes the hangover, oops, the CING annual meeting, kept short and sweet! Free activities during the day for more exploring Hotlanta, oops, Atlanta- an exciting and fun city. Dinner at a local brew pub 5 Seasons, tasty and malty. Last chance for biscuits and gravy at Monday morning breakfast before xxoxx goodbyes.. Ya’ll come back, ya’hear! Next year, Seattle!

Thursday, May 25:

7:30 PM – Pea soup, pancakes, and punch.

Friday, May 26:

11:00 AM – Thomas Concrete, Doraville.

2:00 PM – Elekta, Atlanta (equipment for radiation therapy & imaging).

3:30 PM – Chalmers presentation and award of Scholarship.

7:30 PM – Dinner at Eclipse di Luna.

Saturday, May 27:

11:00 AM – Downtown Atlanta, architectural tour.

7:00 PM – Gasque.

Sunday, May 28:

10:00 AM – 2017 CING Annual Meeting.

1:00 PM – Chalmers Classic Golf or Atlanta sightseeing.

7:00 PM – Dinner at 5 Seasons.

Read about the event in Nordstjernan, see page 25.