2019 – New York, NY

We had the pleasure to invite everyone to New York City for the 2019 Chalmers Alumni Association Annual Meeting on May 23-26, 2019!

Hotel: We have arranged a good rate with the nice Westgate Hotel, located close to Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

Thursday evening:

  • Club Emil at Salmagundi Club in Manhattan with pea soup, pancakes, and punch for the benefit of Chalmers Alumni Association Scholarships fundraising.

Friday morning:

  • Visit Gateway, the newly opened innovation platform by SACC (Swedish American Chamber of Commerce).
  • Breakfast while we listened to the CEO of Atlas Copco, Mats Rahmström followed by innovator Göran Fredriksson and the Wave4Power story. We took notes before we refilled our coffee cups for IBM Quantum Computing Scientist Martin Sandberg and his fascinating work.
  • What is the Q super computer and how will it help to solve the biggest most complex problems of the world? Answers to all revealed at this amazing website: https://www.research.ibm.com/ibm-q/learn/what-is-quantum-computing.

Friday lunch:

  • Two full scholarships were handed out by Stefan Bengtsson, President of Chalmers University of Technology.

Friday afternoon:

  • A visit to a high-tech manufacturing site. Learned more about the design and production of a New York City Subway emergency system. Boyce systems has a 10,000 sq.ft. site and HQ a few subway stops away from Manhattan and we got to learn about the work behind the Subway Help Points that are placed all over New York.

Friday evening:

  • Ah, the good life! Cruising on the Hudson River with lobster, drinks, and city views.

Saturday morning:

  • Stevens Institute of Technology, professor Mirjam Furth, naval research.

Saturday afternoon:

  • New York City attractions of your choosing. There was an incredible amount to enjoy and see. How about a Holography Museum, a Steinway Piano Factory, a KGB Spy Museum or even a visit to a Space Suite designer lab?

Saturday evening:

  • The high point of this year’s program, (as in fact, every year’s program) was the Gasque. The plan was to be at the Scandinavia House, which was very close to Westgate Hotel. SmörgåsChef was known to serve a very enjoyable Swedish menu.

Sunday morning:

  • Annual meeting.
  • Recommended for Sunday: visit the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, a retired aircraft carrier.

Sunday dinner:

  • For those still up for it, we headed out onto the water for a ferry ride down East River with its magnificent views towards HomeTown BBQ in Brooklyn. It was one of the best in NYC!

All the best; it was great seeing you in the city that never sleeps!

Markus Sandholm (I09) – President and Chief Executive Officer, Chalmers Alumni Association Inc.