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Scholarship recipients: 

“A heartfelt thank you to CAAI! The financial support and encouragement I received through the scholarship and meeting you all enabled me to thrive at Chalmers start my dream career here in Göteborg as an acoustical consultant.” Rebecca Gillie – 2017 scholarship recipient

“I honestly could not be more grateful to CAAI. Their financial support made my dream of studying sustainable architecture abroad a reality, opening up a world of opportunities- something that never would have been possible without them.” Emma Norden – 2018 scholarship recipient

Scholarship recipients


“It is now my turn to pay back. Chalmers once paid forward for me, by being the world class scientific institution that it was. And it still is – now for the benefit of current CAA stipend recipients. Therefore, it is my pleasure to contribute to this Chalmers tradition. I know that our international alumni organization supports true scientific analysis as the prime tool, to help solve some of the many complex problems of our world today. A large number of individuals have benefitted, over the years, from the generosity of Chalmers alumnus
Dr h c Gunnar Nicholson (K1916). I was one of them. My present support of the CAA scholarship fund is my humble way of following his example.” Folke Arbin – Donor

“As a proud alumnus, donating to Chalmers Alumni Association USA-Canada was a good decision. My time at Chalmers gave me solid education and unforgettable memories that were instrumental in shaping my personal and professional growth. I believe in the power of education and wanted to ensure that future generations of students receive the same opportunities I had, through the stipends that Chalmers Alumni Association USA-Canada grants. Supporting the alumni organization is my commitment to future students, and to generate opportunities for comradery among the alumni members.” Bengt Gerborg – Donor

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Donation incentive:  At our annual meetings, typically in the month of May, we award scholarships for Master level studies at Chalmers. The way this works is that as soon as a full scholarship has been raised through our annual fundraising efforts in the U.S. and Canada, we match it with a scholarship from the earmarked Barbro Osher Pro Suécia Foundation, making it possible for four scholarships to be awarded through the matching program. This is amazing! It is a unique opportunity for exceptional students from the USA-Canada to experience Sweden and a top-notch education at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

Chalmers Alumni Association USA-Canada welcomes your donations through the U.S. Friends of Chalmers Scholarship, to make a difference for existing and prospective students and researchers at Chalmers University. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and as a donor, you will receive tax receipts for their tax records.