Our Board

Directors / Officers for 2023

Per Treven E90 – President


I was born in Ängelholm where I grew up until my military service at LV4 in Ystad and S1 in Enköping. After military service I got an opportunity to work in Paris at a mail order company for dental products for 1.5 years. Over there I figured out that I wanted to become an engineer and study at Chalmers rather than fill boxes with mail orders. At Chalmers I studied Electrical Engineering, graduated in 1990 and then started working at Ericsson in Stockholm. After a few years in Stockholm my family and I moved to Dallas for what we thought would be a few years, but am now celebrating 25 years over here. My Chalmers buddies and I decided to meet every year after graduation and have now met for 33 years straight, latest in Croatia. Måsen is definitely the best snaps song ever.

Åke Hellström  F69  – Event Manager
Born in Norrköping, army vpl and  full-time Lv Engineer at RMS,  then Chalmers  MSc F69. Enjoyed  all Emil  fun and  party . Had a job waiting in Columbus , OH . Grew later  international. Been sittinng on our Board many years. Still no splinters or nails in my butt !


Arne Dunhem E74 – Director (Membership Assistant)

Born in Ängelholm, but grew up in Helsingborg until it was time for Chalmers where I graduated from Electrical Engineering in 1974. I worked in Sweden three years after graduation. Have lived in Washington, D.C. since 1978 where I first worked until 1989 as a senior engineer/manager with the satellite organization INTELSAT. Since that time, I have been a Chairman or CEO for several publicly traded as well as privately held companies, dealing with satellite communications, telecommunication services, semiconductors and computer systems. I have been the Chairman for several nonprofit organizations. I was first secretary and then over several years the Chairman for U.S. Friends of Chalmers and later Chalmers Alumni Association USA/Canada until 2019.


Carl Wenngren M10 – Membership Manager

Born in Kristianstad, but grew up in many countries. Studied Mechanical Engineering at Chalmers, graduating in 2010. Started working abroad and ended up in British  Columbia/US West coast working at a technical college in Lakewood, WA, Married my Washingtonian wife and currently living in Olympia, WA where our two small kids – Elizabeth and Theodore – were born. “Alla tallarna” is my favorite drinking song!



Franco Maras E88 - Secretary
Franco Maras E88 – Secretary


I was born in the home town of Chalmers, where I started my studies in Electrical Engineering in 1984. The final year before graduation I was fortunate to be able study in Vienna at the Technische Universität. I returned to Gothenburg for my military service at LV6 as System Engineer, before receiving the opportunity to start working at Ericsson in Dallas, TX. This is where I met my beautiful wife, Mary, and where our two sons, Eric and Jacob, were born. In 2011 I switched industries and started working for Hunt Oil and have remained in the organization, although we are now part of Helmerich & Payne. Måsen was my favorite song at Chalmers and still remains the favorite!


Pelle Duong I07 – Director of  Communications & News

Born in Vietnam, raised in Sweden. After “lumpen” went to USA for College (CofC, VT, UVI, BU/IE). Moved home to Gothenburg to study Economics of Innovation at Chalmers. Briefly at Lund University while working for Tetra Pak. Then, went to Vietnam, to work, nevertheless returned to Lund. Married, Wen, in Fujian, China, and moved to Washington State where our angels;) Matilda and Aden, were born. Today we live near Philadelphia PA. 



Tomas Bern F88 – System Manager


Born in Borås, but grew up in Säffle, studied Engineering Physics at Chalmers including one exchange year at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. While working for Ericsson, I met my wife in Caracas, Venezuela and moved later to Dallas, Texas where our two daughters – Alexis and Sandra – were born. Måsen is my favorite drinking song!

Bo Larsson F84 – Fundraising Manager / Advisory Board liaison

I was born in Fagersta.  Graduated both at Chalmers (F84) and Handels in Gothenburg 1984.  During Chalmers I also studied abroad at Cairo University and the University of Tokyo.  After graduating Chalmers in Tokyo I moved to the US.  Worked in high-tech in the San Francisco Bay Area for most of the time.  I live in San Francisco.  




Johannes Kristinsson D03 – At Large Member
Born in Gothenburg to Icelandic and Finnish parents, it was very clear early in my life I would go to Chalmers. I graduated with a M.Sc.E. in Computer Science in 2003 and worked a few years at a Chalmers-originated startup, before consulting for Volvo Cars. In 2008 I moved to Michigan, USA to work for Ford Motor Company in their Research & Advanced division covering topics from electrified vehicles, navigation, customer experience and AI/Machine Learning. I met my wife in Ann Arbor, MI, where we are currently living with our two kids, William and Peter.


Paul Welander M83  – CING HQ and Chalmers AB representative

I was born in Jönköping.  Graduated at Chalmers (M83).  After graduating Chalmers I joined Volvo Car Group and have been working for them for 36 years both in Sweden and in the US.  I live in Gothenburg.




Bahram Mirpourian V79 – At Large Member

I was born in northern Iran (the Gilan, a province near the Caspian Sea).  In July 1972 I was on my way to the USA, via Sweden. I ended up staying in Sweden. I started studying at Chalmers the next year.  Thanks to taking language courses I quickly learned Swedish.  

I will never forget my first day at Chalmers University, as I was trying to shake-off the nay-sayers in the Iranian community (which was small at the time), who were doubting me, saying things like “you are not smart enough for this school.” I remember sitting at the Chalmers’ main entrance. Next to me was a young woman. I told her I was afraid, she said “don’t be, I myself dropped out of Chemistry and had to start over, everything will be ok.” My first year, at Chalmers, was hell. When the Professor was drawing a moment diagram, I  thought he was talking about a suspended bridge! From then on I carried two dictionaries (Swedish/English and English/Persian). Not only were the subjects tough, I also had to overcome two layers of language barriers. Nonetheless, with time and determination I got better, and in only one years time, I proudly and successfully passed 13 exams, and with good marks!  After graduation, July 7, 1979, I was accepted as a Phd student by Professor Gunnar Kärholm (God bless his soul). I studied on and off but finally decided to move back to Iran. After 8 years in Iran working as a Structural Designer we moved to Canada. I got my P.E. in Ontario, which made it much easier to find work with prominent Structural Engineering firms. I worked for 10 years at  MMM (now WSP) as an Associate.  However, after a Coup D’état in our Structural Department in 2011 I decided to re-establish my own Company MIR Engineering Inc. The best thing that happened in my life was marrying my wife. She is a Dentist. We have two boys: my older son is an Endodontist, in Texas, and my second son is in the Technology Business (he is planning to move to the USA).  Currently, I am doing my dream hobby, carpentry, and enjoying life. Of course, it could be even better with no Covid in the world.

Christoffer Abrahamsson Bt10 & PhD15

Growing up in the towns of Borås and Fritsla, I spent most of my childhood playing with friends in both rural and suburban settings. During my primary school years, I developed an interest in the natural sciences, with a particular focus on chemistry and biology. This passion led me to pursue a M.Sc. in Biotechnology, which I obtained in 2010 from Chalmers University. My first experience in the United States came when I was given the opportunity to perform my Master’s Thesis project on tissue engineering in the laboratory of Robert Langer at MIT in Cambridge, MA. After returning to Chalmers, I continued my studies and successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis on “Microstructure and Liquid Mass Transport Control in Nanocomposite Materials” in 2015. In 2015, my wife and I decided to move back to the US, where I worked as a
Postdoc in the laboratory of George Whitesides until 2021. During this time, I developed easy-to-use tests and instruments for analyzing illicit drugs and nutrients in agriculture. Currently, I am the CEO and Founder of Agvios, Inc, an Agtech startup located in Mansfield, MA. Our company provides nutrient management solutions for farmers with hydroponic cultivations. In my free time, I enjoy exploring new culinary experiences, gardening, and spending time with my family.