SACCNY’s Executive Women’s Conference In New York

SACCNY's Executive Women's Conference In New York

Everyone remembers Madeleine Albright’s ripple causing statement, igniting the conversation on what every professional knows: the importance of women supporting women. We often (although not often enough!) hear the names or see the faces of successful women, but it is less common to hear about the women who lifted and supported them — often behind the scenes and not so obvious.

The 18th annual, SACCNY Executive Women’s Conference will dive deep into ‘Women Backing Women’ – knowing that behind all successful women is a tribe of other women who lifted them up and had their back. By opening the floor to all participants, we will hear from both the known and not so known, but we think equally important, to give insight on both lessons shared and lessons learned. How does effective support manifest itself? How can we together help more women support more women? – and most importantly grow that impact?

Join us for this special conversation!

May 5 |New York, USA | Full-day conference | Meet exciting speakers and panelists, both backing and backed by, other women – and the insights into this very special and important support system. This fast-paced day includes c-suite female-led and founded company visits, workshops and seminars – on and with – women supporting women – including special guest seminar led by Women For Leaders – and culminating in a funfilled and unparalleled networking mingle at Gateway. Join this special community of female professionals and know who has – or needs – your back!

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