In this page, you can find answers and instructions on paying annual dues, making donations and registering your profile on this website and becoming a member.

What will the “Sign Up” button on this website take me?

By signing up on this website, and after approval, you will become a member of our virtual community. We have developed a private social network for our alumni members and registration will allow you to reach out to other Chalmerists, connect with them , see photos from our events and gatherings and socialize online.

How do I register and what are the features I will have by joining this private network?

The two videos below walk you through the whole process of registration and show-case some of the nice features that you can benefit from by becoming a member.

Registration and basic features:

Communication and forums:


How can I pay for annual membership?

You can become a member by selecting “Membership” from our menu and make payment of $50 for basic membership or $64 for membership+magazine subscription.