Chalmers Mastercard – for more brilliant ideas

As a Chalmers alumni member, you can apply for a Chalmers Mastercard today and support the Chalmers proud architecture and engineering tradition. Each time you use your card, Ecster will donate 0.5 percent of the amount to students at Chalmers as scholarships. 

Some of the benefits for Chalmers Mastercard holders

  • What is so special about our Chalmers Mastercard is that 0.5% of turnover goes to a Chalmers student projects that enables students to do something unusual/innovative during their education. In 2017 Chalmers handed out 433 862 kronor to such projects.
  • A Chalmers Mastercard gives you access to fascinating study visits, lectures and events arranged each term to thank card users. This is exclusive to those holding a Chalmers Mastercard.
  • Perks such as travel cancellation insurance, fuel discounts, golf insurance and more.
  • Chalmers will pay your card fee for the first twelve months.

To apply for Chalmers Mastercard with BankID, please go here

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